In the Woodshop

It starts with a burl

burlNearly all the wood I use comes from Oregon or California.  I cut and shape burled wood into sculpture and cabochon jewelery, and inlay minerals into the natural patterns created in the wood as it grows and decays.  I crush minerals such as turquoise, chrysocolla and lapis lazuli to glue them into the cracks and holes of the wood.


To the wood shop it goes

woodshopI begin with the appropriate thickness and choose the shape and design.  I use saws to cut and sanders to sand the pieces into rough shape before I inlay the mineral.  After which I begin to grind the stone.  The stone and wood combination can sometimes be tricky having to match the appropriate hardness of the wood with the relevant aspects of the mineral classifications.


By the hand it is finished

handFinishingThen I take the pieces through a series of machine sanders and grits before they get to the stage of the final hand sanding.    After the final sand I either drill the best size hole, route a groove and wrap the piece with sterling silver or use dowels to affix the sculpture to the base.